Is this game a must play for fans of the original?

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I know I shouldn't have ever let reviews and others comments towards the game get to me, but I felt like this game wasn't worth getting because of the talk. That's disappointing 'cause for a long time before it came out, I was pretty excited about it. I loved the first, and it was one of those games that even outside of the game, I couldn't get enough of. I'd go on forums a lot and talk about the known series, and I'd also read up on everything inFAMOUS. Do you believe that if I liked the first that much, I should have given the sequel a chance? Have I made a mistake? Or the fact that I love the first as much as I did/(do?), I'd probably end up disappointed by this one?

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I got bored of the first one about 3/4 into it, I felt like the second was way better, just don't think about the plot very much.

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Infamous 2 is a better game than the first, but not by very much.  They're very similar games.

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The second one is more of the same with a few key improvements, as a massive fan of the orginial I loved every minute of inFamous 2.

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The first one was better. I didn't feel like the second one was as well made. If you still want to see what happens to the characters I'd say play it and then watch the other ending on youtube.

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What about if you weren't a fan of the original?

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The story in the second was pretty disappointing, but the gameplay was just as solid and a lot better in places.

If you mainly care about exploring the city,collecting shards and using your super powers to destroy everything, you should absolutely get it.

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@pyromagnestir said:

What about if you weren't a fan of the original?

That's not the question. Go make your own thread to find the answers you seek.

Yes, OP, I'd say it is. It's basically the same game, improved in a few key areas.

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I'd say the story was better in 1, but gameplay is miles ahead in 2. I had a ton if fun with it and think the inFamous games are pretty under appreciated.

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@James_Giant_Peach: The questions kinda go hand in hand don't they? I only thought of the one because I saw the other. Anyway, fine, NOBODY ANSWER MY PREVIOUS QUESTION PLEASE IT WAS WRONG OF ME TO ASK! Better?

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