Should I power through inFamous?

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So I have never played the original inFamous, it never really dropped to impulse buy price levels and I bought prototype, so I never bought it. I am going to buy Infamous 2 on release because I will not let this series pass me by twice ha. With the welcome back package deal, I now have the opportunity to play through Infamous 1 quickly over the weekend before Infamous 2 comes out.  I will definitly play Infamous 1 over the weekend some but my question is should I power through the whole game or not. I'm afraid that if I power through the whole game that I will be burnt out on that game style, because InFamous 2 is almost the same game when it comes to the basics, and not enjoy Infamous 2 as much. So does anyone have any advice or experience that could help me out? 

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I don't really care if you power through it or not, but you're kind of forced to play through it or read a wiki page if you have any intention of understanding the story.

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Yes you can DL your trophies into inFamous 2 for XP and powers.  
Plus it's an awesome game and a pretty good story.
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Definitely play through the first infamous.  Its a great game.  Just dont push your self too hard with it and burn yourself out.

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My advice would be invest in the health upgrades early and ignore the melee upgrades.  

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If you like the story, then definitely. The ending is pretty great story-wise. 
Zipping around the city, using the rail grind and gliding abilities: way fun. They tie it into some of the missions well. I particularly liked those highly armed buses. It forced you to make good use of Cole's movement abilities. 

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I wouldn't "power" my way through it, just play it.
Typically when I'm in that situation I just play the first one and even if it burns me out, that sequel isn't going anywhere.

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I would say it's definitely worth playing. I loved it when it first came out. I'm sure it still holds up fine since it's not like anyone else has done that genre better since (Crackdown 2 sucked, Prototype 2 isn't out yet).

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@Rolyatkcinmai:  Im just wondering if when I finish this game will I be like man I wanna go play infamous 2 or will I be like well that game was good but I'm glad it ended when it did
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I know I would have played 2 immediately. When I finished it I could not wait to play it again as Evil Cole.
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Enjoy it at your own pace.  Get through the game in the way you usually play games and when your done play InFamous 2.

#12 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -
@VictoryBlixt said:
@Rolyatkcinmai:  Im just wondering if when I finish this game will I be like man I wanna go play infamous 2 or will I be like well that game was good but I'm glad it ended when it did
If it's any consolation, when I finished Infamous I popped in the disc for Prototype, played about 30 minutes, and then went back and played Infamous through again as evil.
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@Rolyatkcinmai:  basically Im wondering if I should try and finish it before the game comes out
#14 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -
@VictoryBlixt said:
@Rolyatkcinmai:  basically Im wondering if I should try and finish it before the game comes out
My suggestion would be to play through it at your own pace, and if you feel like more once you've finished pick up I2. If not, wait a bit (there aren't many games late summer anyway). 
It's a singleplayer game, so it's not going suddenly die out like a multiplayer game would. 
I tried powering through God of War 1 and 2 when I bought 3, and ended up failing miserably because it was too much of the same franchise. I still have a sealed copy of God of War 3 sitting here.
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@Rolyatkcinmai: But the allure of infamous 2 will be too much for me when it comes out ha. Seriously though I will not be able to focus on playing infamous when I have copy of infamous 2 sitting right next to me ha
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If the 'Welcome Back' deal even comes out before the weekend, then yes, you should play through it. 

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It's a great game, but I think if you're playing through that and then straight into inFamous 2, you'll probably get pretty burned out on it.  I would just hold out for i2 and maybe play the first one sometime later.  The story isn't very hard to grasp, if you're worried about being lost at the beginning of inFamous 2.  I mean, really there is just barely a story in that first game to begin with.

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I beat inFamous in one day yesterday. Granted I was off that day and had nothing to do. I even took an hour break to play some Battlefield and get on Giantbomb.

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I think you should play inFAMOUS (only) until the second comes out, trust me, you won't be burnt out. It's not one of those games that you'll easily be burnt out on. You should experience most of what you can before the sequel. Then again, that's just an opinion so I really wouldn't know.

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I think there's some danger of you getting burned out if you play both games back to back.  The gameplay is almost identical so you may get tired of it.  It's been about a year since I played Infamous 1, so that wasn't an issue for me.

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I say go for it. You'll appreciate everything that's going on more if you experience everything that happens in the first game for yourself. The ending in particular. You likely won't burn out on it. I had to play both good and evil playthroughs of the first before I even started to get tired of it. In fact I just finished replaying it about an hour before I started up Infamous 2.

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Power through? I see what you did there.

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Take your time and enjoy inFamous. It is an amazing game.

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As someone who absolutely loved inFamous 1 (and now 2), you should read a wiki of the first game and then jump into the second game. Otherwise you might get some real open world fatigue. inFamous 2 is a MUCH better game than the first, but they are still very similar.

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