Cole's Legacy Bug- Help!

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Sorry if this has already been addressed. I've only just started playing through the game and I've just finished the Space Needle mission. I've been told this is when the Cole's Legacy DLC kicks in (I've redeemed the code and it shows as downloaded in My Library). I've also downloaded all the patches and have restarted the game to see if it was a bug in my save.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Am I boned? Appreciate any input

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I'm not sure but I played it without any problems. Try to progress some more to see if it pops up.

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Nope-progressed a fair bit further and have the neon powers but no luck :(

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Just so you know, there's very little to the Cole DLC, and is quite disappointing, furthermore, it doesn't pop up anywhere saying you got it, it should be like a star on your map or something if I remember correctly, which is all that indicates it's working. You may just be expecting more when there really isn't that much to it. Honestly, the DLC isn't even worth it, so if I knew what it had been beforehand, I wouldn't have cared.

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