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inFamous: Second Son sets an incredibly high bar for next-generation open world games. 0

Seriously. This game looks great.I'm not entirely certain at which point in Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son's incredible opening I realized I was not actually experiencing a sleep-deprived hallucination at around 4:30 AM, and yes, this was actually a game that I was playing. Drop-dead gorgeous, astonishingly fun, and surprisingly touching, Second Son is an experience that shouldn't be missed.For starters, Second Son is easily one of the best looking games I have ever played, bar none. If thi...

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A year of Playstation 4 has done little to deteriorate this game's substantial quality. 0

I remember the fun gameplay of inFamous, as well as the awesome ending twist; I barely remember playing inFamous 2 at all beyond a boring final boss; so, I hope that in a few years, I'll remember all of inFamous Second Son, from the engaging gameplay, to the terrific characters, to just how damn good the game looks. Second Son isn't just worth playing, it's worth remembering.In the inFamous series, you control characters who have obtained amazing superpowers and are willing to use them for good ...

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inFamous Second Son review 0

I beat inFamous last Thursday. I’m still mad about it. Let me tell you why.I’m a sucker for super heroes. I have been ever since my cousin gave me some Spider-Man comics in elementary school, about the same time that I discovered the X-Men cartoon on Fox and the X-Men Arcade game. Something about the genre has always resonated with me, and I’m not sure if it’s seemingly ordinary people being capable of extraordinary things, or the battle between good and evil with a very ...

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Should have taken a longer smoke break... 0

A look at the new protagonist, Delsin.inFamous: Second Son takes place around seven years after the events of the previous game. The Conduit gene has returned in the wake of those events, causing more and more people to become super-powered. This necessitates the establishment of the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.), a group led by a cold-hearted woman named Augustine, meant to track down any Conduits and imprison them for the safety of society. Second Son also ditches previous protagon...

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Infamous Second Son is the game for you if you ever wanted to be a super hero or villain with awesome powers 0

Infamous Second Son clearly has ambitions to be a lot more serious and grounded than the PlayStation 3 Infamous games, but even with the deeper political undercurrent in the story, this is still a comic book story at heart and it's surprisingly a good one , with great character's like Reggie and Fetch , you well want to finish the main story which is short to see how everything ends, . It's a shame that the side quests are dull and boring, they feel like they were copy and pasted into every sing...

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Promising Playstation 4 debut 0

Sucker Punch makes their Playstation 4 debut with a new entry in the Infamous series. This is the third game in the series but the beginning of a new tale as we no longer plays as Cole MacGrath from the previous games. We are instead introduced to our new protagonist, or antagonist depending on your choices in the game, Delsin Rowe. Delsin is a rebellious young man that doesn’t want to follow the rules of the system. Unfortunately for Delsin his own brother, Reggie Rowe, is a sheriff and t...

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For better or for worse, Infamous: Second Son takes the series in some interesting new directions 0

Say what you will, good or bad, about Infamous: Second Son. One thing that you can’t say about it is that it was designed as a lazy, cookie cutter sequel or that it lacks ambition. It is a game that is impressive, both technologically and artistically. It is also a game that appears to have been designed from the ground up, keeping the spirit of the previous games alive without being just an iteration in the series. There are some good and bad changes from the previous games, and unfortuna...

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Revolting Youth 0

Expectations are a tricky thing to manage in a world where the internet exaggerates and amplifies everything we engage with on a daily basis. Everything remotely worth talking about is either put on a pedestal as the best thing since the last cool thing that people liked or cast into the fiery pit of things to rage about on the internet. There's no place for a merely "good" thing to merely exist and be appreciated for what it is because in this modern age, to be remembered something must be bril...

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This Son Has Set 1

It is easy to imagine the chaos of a zombie apocalypse. Gamers and moviegoers alike have devoured plenty of media related to the shambling hordes. The aftermath of an explosion gifting certain people superhuman abilities, however, is an entirely different type of chaos. Combine human morality with incredible powers and the results can be much more disastrous. Sucker Punch embraced this devastation with the 2009 release of Infamous. Introducing us to conduits - human beings possessing superhuman ...

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inFAMOUS: Second Son - Different City, Same inFAMOUS 0

The InFamous series, like many superhero simulations before it, is at its best when the player is made to feel like a 24-carat badass. InFamous: Second Son is possibly the epitome of this feeling. However, after experiencing that same feeling in the two (and a half) previous games in the series, alongside numerous other titles of their ilk, the effect is diminished.The narrative setup serves to heighten this meteoric rise to superhero power. Just seven years after the death of Cole McGrath at th...

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