Final Dead Drop

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I am literally one dead drop from finding them all. I know it's in the Neon district cause it's the only trophy I don't have, I've done all the side missions, so I've unlocked everything, but when I do my "sweep," the gray ring doesn't show up at all. Is this normal or did the game somehow glitch out the final drop in this area?

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@Undeadpool:  I seriously don't remember where I got it but I hope this helps. I am kinda pissed at this game right now as it fucked me out of my Platinum trophy and now I have to start a whole new game from the beginning if I want my inFamous platinum. 
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You probably missed the one at the top of the prison. That one's hella elusive.

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why is your name still green dude? seriously, after playing this game you still hold total allegiance to the 360? 

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Haw! It's...more of a laziness thing at this point. I've played Infamous, Uncharted, and Valkyria Chronicles almost non-stop, but I just haven't bothered to change it yet.
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I got the rabbit hole trophy already and I also get no gray rings but it says there's still one left to get... If this is a glitch I'm no trophy fiend but this is quite annoying

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Hah didn't even notice how old this thread is (though not surprised of course)

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