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One of the best PS3 Exclusives out there.

For any gamer who loves comic books and/or has imagined him/herself as a superhero, inFamous is definitely the game for you. In inFamous, your superpowers are the ability to control electricity in a variety of ways, including lightning bolts, precision lightning bolts, lightning RPGs and Grenades, and more. It's important to note that your abilities don't become obselete as the game goes on. Each ability is good in certain situations and as a counter to other attacks, so the first skill you learn will still be used at the end of the game. The game's abilities are definitely the highlight of inFamous. But that's not all Cole can do. A secondary effect of his powers is that he takes no fall damage, and he used to be into urban exploration, which means he can climb up buildings and all over the city. This system works well, as it is clear what Cole can cling onto and climb and what he can't, and there are always several ways to climb up each building. Cole's movement abilities also increase, giving you the ability to hover in the air and travel across power lines. This was done so well that I had almost as much fun running and climbing around Empire City as I did fighting all of the enemies.
As Cole McGrath, you gain your superpowers after a package you were supposed to deliver blows up and levels about 6 city blocks. Cole is the only survivor, and he soon finds out that his survival has a byproduct- his ability to manipulate lightning.  
The story branches off from here, as the game features a morality system. It's obvious that this system was one of developer Sucker Punch's main focuses from the start, as the first mission has a karma choice in it. The karma system isn't any different from other games that feature the system- if you do good things, you get good karma, and if you do bad things, you get bad karma. However, most of the game's featured choices are pretty deep and satisfying, and more than once I had no idea which choice i wanted to make.  LIkewise, I thought that the story was excellent. Cole makes a good hero/antihero (depending on your karma), whose motivations and actions all fit the character. The story is also satisfying, featuring a number of comic-book like villains, and sidekicks who are just as well written. In inFamous, everyone has a different motivation for what they do, and their actions are a clear reflection of that. the only complaint I have about the story is that it is deliberately written to leave room open for a sequel.
Your karma isn't just there for show, however. The karma system affects both how people view you-if you're good, they'll cheer and applaud you, and if you're bad, they may even attack you-and how your powers develop. Although both the Good and Evil sides of karma have many of the same skills, how they develop is entirely karma based. Good Coles will powers that help you capture enemies, heal yourself, and attack with more precision. Bad Coles will develop skills designed to do as much damage as possible, hurt other people to heal yourself, and more. On a less important note, Coles with bad Karma will shoot red electricity, which looks just as good as the blue of Good Coles. 
The graphics of inFamous are amazing as well. The disaster struck Empire City looks appropriately beat up and run down, and Cole's electrical effects look awesome. There are virtually no visual quirks either; in about the 40 hours i spent in the game I encountered no visual glitches. 
In terms of replayability, inFamous is definitely out there. There are 32 "dead drops" that explore the background of the explosion, villains, and other people Cole encounters in the city. There are also over 300 "blast shards" for you to collect. These increase the amount of electricity Cole can store, so you'll definitely be collecting a lot of these. Due to inFamous' great movement system, though, this will never really feel like a chore, or that the bad platforming makes shard collection really hard. In addition, there are dozens of side missions that Cole can do to help clean up Empire City (or damage it, if you're evil) there are 15 good and 15 bad side missions as well, which unlock powers exclusive to those who have done them. Sucker Punch has definitely packed in enough to keep you busy for dozens of hours. 
Buy or rent? Buy this game. Fans of comics, superheroes, and feeling godly as you run around using your powers as you see fit will especially love this game, but so will casual gamers and people new to the action/adventure genre. The game is easy to learn and accessable, and it will last you at least a good dozen hours, but could be played for over 100.

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