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This is one of the first games I got for my PS3, and let me start by saying It's a good game.
You start out as Cole McGrath, a bad-ass delivery boy who's special package (not THAT special package), explodes in his face and he is granted superpowers and alot of people die. The story then follows Cole as he sets out to either fix the city he inadvertantly destroyed, or take it over for himself.
The first friend you encounter is Zeke, a fat, modern day Elvis wanna-be, and 'Trish', the girlfriend who complains constantly about how you killed her sister and 'wah wah wah'. In order to get revenge, she decides she's going to be the most annoying person ever and be a complete bitch throughout the whole game, or atleast, this is the only reason I can think of why she's so annoying. 
You're then given the option to run around and make the city safe via side missions, which make territories safe so no enemies appear there, but they do sometimes anyway, so there's no real point in that, or do the story missions, which involves you looking for 'John' via the help of Moya who promises to get you out of the city if you do. And you've also got to get to Kessler and Alden who also have superpowers. There's alot of double crossing and lying so I won't go into that. But the ending plot 'twist' was so easy to see coming that I caught onto it around the middle of the game.
You get the 'moral choice' to either be a dick or be a saint. And that's all you can be. 
There's no point in staying in the middle ground because you've got to be either fully evil or fully good to get all the upgrades for your powers. I went good on my first play through, and gained the power of 'healing'. To heal someone, you go and stand over them, and shock them with your blue electricity until they get up, clap and walk away. However, alot of the time, it doesn't even make sense. I saw somebody get a rocket to the face due to the Reapers. How does lightning fix that?
I would recommend going evil, because evil gets you more fun powers and you feel no obligation to save people who are too thick to not walk right in the middle of a fight. It's times like this that I feel for Darth Vader. He wanted his son to become evil, because he knew that being good was for pussies, but his son didn't listen and then Darth vader had to turn good and save him by sacraficing himself. This is what being good gets you. It gets you dead. The evil option in InFamous just holds so much more, and not to mention works WITH the game's title, rather than against it. The good option gets you very little. The only thing you can really do is heal people, which there really isn't any incentive to do.
The graphics are quite good, but the main problem I've found with InFamous is the climbing. The climbing's all well and good, but Cole tends to grab onto anything and everything in sight. At one point, I had to race past satellites to disable them within a very short time limit. All was going well until I jumped off a cable and Cole instantly clung onto a near by pole. I lost the race and had to start it over again. Things like this would happen all throughout the game and it would get very frustrating to say the least.
All that aside, I enjoyed InFamous and would recommend anyone who hasn't got it, to go and get it.

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