kratos's inFamous (PlayStation 3) review

What a game!!!

InFAMOUS is great game!  The first PS3 game from sucker punch.  They showed they know how to make a quality product with InFAMOUS.  It is fun to play and engaging through its duration.

STORY; 5/5 stars

The story was my favorite part of this title.  It kept me wanting more and the end was dropping for me.

GAMEPLAY; 5/5 stars

The missions might be a little repetitive and the story might be a little boring at points doesn't change the fact that it is amazing.  The shooting feels great and the variety keeps the whole thing fresh.  The trophies are also fun to get.

GRAPHICS; 5/5 stars

The world is big and beautiful making some games look like they were on the PS2.  The characters also look great and the cutscenes are done wonderfully.  Just a beautiful game.

SOUND; 5/5 stars

The sound is also fantastic here.  The sounds of the city are great and the sound of gun fire is right on.  The voice acting is as good as it gets.

Played: June 8th, 2009

Reviewed: June 14th, 2009


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