Infernal: Is it really horrible?

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I've got five bucks in gamefly money, and they're selling Infernal for 10.00 
I noticed that the acheivement for even finishing the game on easy is Uncommon. Is the game unreasonable hard, or just really horrible?

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Yes. maybe it is horrible> I can't teleport correctly. Everytime I teleported, I always return to the same place

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Okay the tutorial/prologue of this is awful. Once you get past this to your powers of demon bullets & stripping health/ammo/items from corpses the game makes more sense.  From what I saw after playing the first mission & some of the 2nd (before getting stuck with the teleporting objects & just not enjoying the game enough to keep going after renting it from gamefly). the teleport ability initially is for just getting past a camera to the security console to turn the damn thing off (would be easier if they just let you shoot the camera/laser/whatever).
The best way to describe this game I feel is 'Gun', if you look at Gun when it came out at the launch of the 360 it showed a some slight improvements over the Xbox games in the past & maybe visually looked a little better but nothing great. Clearly can do better or worse than this game but it falls in that section of just average. My guess is that they let their feet drag on the development of this or it was budget cut & thrown out the door unpolished.  Definitely a rental unless you buy it for about a buck.

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