Anybody looking to buy this?

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I have been getting emails pretty much daily about the beta being released soon, and I'm not sure how I really feel about the game. My first reaction was that I was excited about playing a more accessible and possibly more polished version of DayZ. The screen shots of the environments were exciting, and I liked the idea that zombies would be the primary threat so that there would be more of a focus on team play rather than PvP as in DayZ. However, the more I read about the game/watch Alpha footage, something doesn't sit well with me. The maps still look great, but everything about the inventory system and the character creation mechanics look really cheap. I have played War Inc. by the same developers, and it only held my attention for a few days with some of the jank that was involved. It's not that I don't think this game doesn't have potential, but something just As someone who enjoys DayZ, I'm very open to more games like this coming out, but I don't really want to pre order The War Z just to play the beta if I end up not liking it. What is everyone else thinking?

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will wait and see how it goes. on the fence about it, i kinda liked day z so if this is a more fleshed out version with strong emphasis on coop amd maybe a slightly easier learning curve i may be interested. if they are still keeping day z going id like to see this take a more approachable stance.

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No, and going from the name, fuck those guys.

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This is separate from standalone DayZ though correct?

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I got it. Dont know if it'll be good. But it's only $30 and I'm a sucker for spending money on stupid unnecessary things

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@SargeGulp: Yeah, it's an entirely different game from a different developer, but with striking similarities. There's some controversy over whether the makers of War Z poached their ideas from DayZ or not, but it looks to be a different experience. It's just that there's something missing or off about it, and I can't put my finger on it.

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@TheHumanDove: You should tell us how it is! It looks interesting, but I don't know if I'd rather just stick with Day Z or try this.

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@TheHumanDove said:

I got it. Dont know if it'll be good. But it's only $30 and I'm a sucker for spending money on stupid unnecessary things

Basically. I've enjoyed most of the trailers and such that have been released for it. It looks like a more polished and streamlined version of Day Z and I am all for that. That standalone version of the Day Z mod sounds as if it will just be a port of the current build, and I'm not at all interested in that.

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@TheHumanDove said:

I got it. Dont know if it'll be good. But it's only $30 and I'm a sucker for spending money on stupid unnecessary things

Yeah same

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I will not be playing this....ever

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It's the laziest clone/rip off from an Asian f2p company ever. They just stole their eula from LoL. I would not support this company in any way shape, or form.

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I really want to get this because I enjoy DayZ but it is just a bit too complicated (without a tutorial) which will hopefully change in the standalone. This seems much simpler.

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It looks like zombie mode for their f2p shooter, i'll probably just wait for the DayZ standalone.

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I was thinking about it when I first saw it and never really cared for the complaints it got. A lot of people complained that it was a rip off of several other games but it's still a genre that seems to have a big demand for it with hardly any games available. I was talking to some people about the developer's other game (since this basically looks like a mod,) and they were saying their other game felt terrible. I think I'm going to pass on this one which bothers me a little because I thought DayZ was one of the clunkiest games I've ever played and I want a game like this. I'm crossing my fingers that The Dead Linger will work out well.

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