The War Z Outrage

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Another reason why I almost never pre-order games these days. Once in the last 4 years now.

Still considering the business of video games these days, I surprised this type of thing doesn't happen more often.

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@Forcen: TY

So the thing that bugs me the most is that this game is not supposed to have any association with Day Z.....

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@The_Laughing_Man: Or PR stepped in. :P

a Qoute from the interviewee PC Gamer's - Evan Lahti:

Evan Lahti says:
01:48am December 20 2012
It's Sergey. Yes, his responses have been edited for clarity by War Z PR, a practice not abnormal for an email interview.
My preference would've been for a Skype or phone interview, but we wanted to get a detailed statement from the developer as quickly as possible. We'll continue to follow-up with them about our/your concerns. Hugs.

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Ultimately, it’s our responsibility and no fault of Steam at all. The description on Steam was basically reflecting a list of all the features that either our engine is capable of ( like number of players per server—which can be much higher than 100 for example) as well as our immediate development tasks. The big problem was with some internal communication. As a result of this mistake, our company board reviewed the situation today and we will be making some changes in our structure and with some of our key team members.

I hope it's not some innocent cog that's thrown under the bus for this, but then that would be naive.

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The new "Email" interview with "Sergey" is abosltuyl the most polar opposite of what he said before. Sounds like PR look at this email hut delete and then rewrote it themselves.

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