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So every time I've watched the infinite crisis channel on twitch the game looks sort of bad and boring, and they mask that with constant yelling. I actually just got banned from chat for saying something stupid... which I found hilarious, started laughing out loud. BUT, seriously, are real people excited for this? What attracts you to it other than the characters? Do you find the gameplay interesting to the point that you'd play this and possibly put money into it? Let me know, I really am interested in what people think. If not what don't you like?

I look at the UI and it looks like something from years ago, the graphics aren't great, the entire map always seems so sparse. I feel like It's either way too early in development for them to be showing, or this game may really have some issues depending on what they're expecting.

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Personally, if it wasn't a game about DC characters, I wouldn't have given it the time of day. I'm not a big comic book guy by any means, but I do love the DC universe (which is why it's slowly killing me inside that DC can't get their shit together like Marvel has when it comes to movies). I watched a few streams out of boredom, signed up for the beta a while ago, and played around with it a bit and I actually think it's pretty damn good.

That said, I already uninstalled it after a few weeks simply because I already got enough games to play. I play DotA 2, Warframe, and a few different fighters on a regular basis. I also manage to squeeze in a game of Blade Symphony or Smite on occasion. In between all of those, I usually squeeze in some random single-player game every now and then. As far as I'm concerned, I got enough shit to play and Infinite Crisis isn't good enough that I feel like it's worth adding to my rotation. The fact it shares it's business model with LoL doesn't help either. If I could buy all the heroes for a reasonable, flat price like you can in Smite, I might have stuck with it though.

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