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I'm a big comic fan but no idea about MOBA or really any MMO type games. I thought it would be fun to see if any other comic nerds were in the community and see who we're hoping to see in the Infinite Crisis game.

Especially in light of the kind of disappointing and safe roster in Injustice to see some of the weird picks already is cool! I know we saw that cancelled Gotham By Gaslight game but I didn't think we'd ever REALLY see a Gaslight Batman let alone Joker and Catwoman! Zatanna seems like a refreshing choice too.

I've love to see Black Canary, who is my favorite DC character after Batman. Do you think they'll go totally bananas and have John Constantine (and if so, how much would it cost to get a Keanu Reeves skin in the game?!).

Regular, Undead, and Chainsaw flavors?!

I just want to see some weird versions of the usual suspects (Superman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn when she's announced) because it's kind of old seeing the same costumes on the same characters over and over. I did see a new Wonder Woman costume in an email they sent about requesting Beta access where she was in a kind of punk/rockabilly get up with a chainsaw on a stick...anyone know where this is from cause I'm totally lost and didn't see it on ComicVine.

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