Infinite Crisis Preferred Access Code Available at Curse

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The game looks interesting. It may not turn out to be great but a DC Comics based MOBA sounds like it could be really cool. Anyway, if you are signed up for the beta you can improve your chances of being selected by applying a Preferred Access Code to your account which can be obtained here. Hope it helps a few of you get in on the action.

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Well thanks a bunch Mr./Ms. Th3irdEye! I've never heard of Curse before but I got a code (sadly there's someone in their community using my name....grrr!). I look forward to trying it out if I get picked.

I've never done a MOBA before, do you play? Is it easy to drop into or do you need to know a lot of short hand lingo (like DPS, tank, agro....which I had no idea about for years until my WoW playing friends sat me down and told me about the MMO version of the birds and the bees).

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Here's another preferred code - AULG-MG9W-65J7-W3JA

I don't know that it will get you in instantly, but it should get you in faster.

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Here is another:


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Here is one from me:


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