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OK. I've tried a couple MOBA's before and now I'm in the Beta for this one. This one seems a little more indepth as far as building up your Hero and what not but it's obviously the same basic format. I just want to know why (even at the beginning of the match) it takes me minutes to kill someone when it just takes them one or two hits to kill me. Is there some general MOBA guide out there that will explain to me why this is happening. I've posted this same question roughly on the LOTR MOBA and everybody just thought I was exaggerating. Well, it happens in literally every moba I play. One or two shots and I'm dead, and a series of shots and chasing before I can kill someone...

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Lot of it has to do with which characters are involved. Whom were you playing/fighting?

Swain versus Nunu in LoL, for instance, will usually end in Swain chipping away for several minutes (early game) whereas Nunu can get the kill easily. Your build in terms of items and so forth can also be a factor, but early game it's often down to just who each person is playing.

Additionally, early game in most MOBAs you're hopefully not sticking in a fight long enough to kill/be killed. DOTA seems to be more aggressive in this regard, and LoL has the four-man toplane ganks, but usually you're chipping until someone can come into your lane and provide an assist or you can get a combo off.

Also, Infinite Crisis's 5 control-point map evokes LoL's Dominion matches, which mean death happens faster and more easily than in a traditional tri-lane game. That's balanced by it mattering FAR less than in those games.

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