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Epic hardcore scifi RPG 0

Infinite Space is a science-fiction role-playing game for Nintendo DS. It got released for Japanese market back in 2009. Luckily for us heathens who don't speak or read Japanese Sega brought the game over to North America. And even to Europe. Nintendo DS is one of the platforms with most role-playing games(rpg) over it's catalogue. One theme that DS or any other platform doesn't have too much of is a rpg based in space. At least not in this sense where spaceship customisation plays such big rol...

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Those Who'd Like It, Will Like It A Lot 0

I'm going to start this off with the disclaimer, personal preference is going to play a big part about Infinite Space. Ask yourself: do you like old-school science fiction? Classic space opera about ships, their crews, and the situations they face? Can you deal with old-school RPG elements, like random battles, statistic number-crunching, and a fairly linear design in your games? If so, consider this game. Infinite Space is a story-driven RPG that sees the player embark on an epic quest through ...

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Mistakes Lack of Direction for Freedom 0

Infinite Space begins with a great enough concept: it's an RPG with star ships. This alone is enough to make it intriguing, seeing as how most RPGs place you squarely in the fantasy genre, but Infinite Space makes a series of tragic mis-steps on the road to greatness that ultimately derail it. The spaceship combat is easily the most compelling part and is also the best part of the game. You are given three different commands: Dodge, Normal and Barrage. Dodge will completely evade a Barrage attac...

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More visual novel then game, but a pretty good one at that 0

Infinite Space is a science fiction RPG/visual-novel developed by Platinum Games and released 2010 for the Nintendo DS. In the game the player takes control of Yuri, a 16 year old boy who wants to become an adventurer exploring the galaxy.The game starts out with an anime intro that is based on a few anime short movies created for advertisement purpose for the game. This by itself would be nothing special, but in the case of Infinite Space this causes some initial confusion as the intro doesn't ...

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Some Frustration 0

Infinite Space can not be summarized in a few words. It is a very engaging story. Between the battles reading the growth and change of a boy is very enjoyable.  All though it does use a very unique take on the Rock Paper Scissor Style of combat adding in range and factoring in everything your crew is up to, the gauges can be tiresome. Unless you pay complete attention to the tutorial you will not understand 80% of this game. They do a good job with a help section to explain some things but it is...

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