infinite undiscovery vs tales of vespera

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 alright guys im just wondering which i should pick up, does this have a better story or does the new tales game?

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I've been playing Tales of Vesperia, and so far I like it.  Not love it.  It's a little slow to start off with, but as long as you approach this game with the attitude of "This is a Japanese RPG -- in every single respect of the word", then you'll be fine.  Now, I don't mean that statement in any sort of racist or negative way.  We all know that JRPGs are very different from American RPGs.  I'm just saying to keep an open mind about it, is all.  From the opening anime scene, to the way the characters look, and how the story unfolds.  

The main character Yuri, well... he looks like a girl -- there's NO getting around that.  However, they gave him a very masculine voice, which I am so glad they did that, because it helps with liking him.  Also, they made him a poor kid from the low end of town, who's always in trouble, this makes him more relatable.  Just some guy with problems, who makes mistakes -- He's more of a "light weight" bad boy, and less of a drag queen.

Yuri travels around with, a dog, a princess, and a some weird kid.  The interaction between them is cute.  Nothing to write home about.  It's not like the writing and dialog is SO funny -- because it isn't.  It's just cute.  The best way I can describe the over all feel of this game is --- Anime.  It's like being inside an Anime episode, and you're there too.  It's looks beautiful.

The game play is not bad.  ToV has it's own versions of "gambits", now before you get upset about that fact, this game needs it.  You cannot kept track of all that's going on without them.  The battle screens are like a cluster f__k of craziness.  So you need them to sort things out, or the other characters will just stand around, while you're getting your ass handed to you.  

However, these gambits are SO MUCH easier than, Final Fantasy 12.  Believe me, after 180 hours and 2 play through of FF12 -- I knew Gambits inside and out, no problem.  ToV "gambits" are way easier, and you don't need a book or programming skills.  Also, there's no automatic save feature, you HAVE to save at the save crystals (or in this case -- save books).  Because, well you don't have a choice, if you die, you'll going back to the last save point, wherever that was (and no matter how many times you have to repeat it over again).

Now, I can't tell you which of these 2 games to buy, because I bought both of them.  I love RPGs -- so I'm a bit "fanboy" in this department.  RPGs are like my favorite thing ever.  I like Tales of Vesperia, but it's slow going.  It's NOT Final Fantasy, and does not play like it.  AT ALL.  So keep that in mind when you make your decision.

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From what I've heard Tales of Vesperia is one of the best JRPGs to come out in a while, and Infinite Undiscovery is a complete disappointment.(not from just looking at reviews, from people who like them as their opinions.)

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Tales of Vesperia is a fantastic game.  I'm on the last boss right now.  It's just fantastic....but some of the stuff gets kind of confusing during the end.

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I am really enjoying Tales of Vesperia, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a JRPG.

However, if you would like to spend less money, Infinite Undiscovery is on sale for $18.95.

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Tales of Vesperia is an excellent JRPG - Infinite Undiscovery is one notch above garbage.

I suffered through 15 hours of Infinite Undiscovery before I couldn't take it any more. Generic characters, terrible story, repetitive combat (you play as one dude with only one or two useful moves), and tons of fetch quests...yuck.

Its sole redeeming quality is the amount of crafting available and the complexity, but getting to higher levels in that requires a bit of grinding, so it's not all good.

I would strongly advise against playing it, although if you're hell-bent, a price of $10 or less would be a tolerable entry point.

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I would say Tales of Vesperia.

I'm on my second playthough and  loving it.

I have both games and although Infinite Undiscovery isn't all that bad of a game, it definitely isn't a favourite. You'll quickly find the game repetitious and you'll be doing a lot of backtracking throughout the entire game, which I found to feel a lot like grinding, a feeling I hate.

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So far I have not met someone that, no offense, can appreciate the epicness of the Tales Series' stories. They are simply epic. Yes, gameplay is repetitive and addicting at the same time, but if you can last an entire Tales game, the weaker of us, hehe me, mite be brought to tears. Or have a huge smile on our faces. Basically what I'm saying is that if you LOVE dramatic stories you HAVE  to pick up tov. Oh sorry, tales is better lol. But cqan someone please respond because I almost feel lonely that no one else realy LOVES tov's story.

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