So what's the verdict on this game?

#1 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

I've heard mixed reactions to this game and, having acknowledged that it's a generic hack' n 'slash with mediocre storyline, is it any good?

Rate it relative to, oh say, DMC.
#2 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

I thought it was a turn based RPG?

#3 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Hack n' Slash? ...Are you sure you have the right game?

#4 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

"The game’s combat mechanics are straightforward. The player will first need to draw his sword using the Right Trigger (RT), which can conveniently be drawn even in motion.The player can execute combos both in the air and on the ground using Light attacks (A),  Heavy attacks (B), Connect Actions  (X, Y), and spells. To compensate for the lack of a block button, the player has the ability to freeze the enemy with a timed parry by using the "Deflect Drive" action  (LT), creating a large opening forthe player to take advantage of."

Sounds like one.
#5 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1581 posts) -

i'd like to know how this is also.  I went ahead and rented it from gamefly to give it a shot, hope it's not terrible.

#6 Posted by CarlosX360 (28 posts) -

You know, the game looks a whole lot like a glorified Tales of Symphonia/Vesperia than it does DMC.

#7 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -
CarlosX360 said:
"You know, the game looks a whole lot like a glorified Tales of Symphonia/Vesperia than it does DMC."
....only it's realtime, so not.
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As far as i know , the game is OK , if your an RPG fanatic they you might want to consider giving it a rental.

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I want to play this damn game already but gamefly hasn't even shipped this out for me yet. Blah.

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I am about two hours in to the game and so far it is average. The combat system is a nice change of pace from the traditional turnbased system that is present in most JRPGs. There is a sneak system that alows the player and their party to inflict critical strikes for a period of time if they are able to make the first hit undetected by the enemy. Conversly the enemies can also sneak up on the player and their party which I believe will result in a loss of AP along with the damage taken by the hit. 

The combo system seems to have potential as long as you are able to unlock new combos as you level up. The player can also connect to their party members to use both special attacks during combat and abilities when not in combat. There is no way to block enemy strikes but you can perry them if your timing is right which will stun the enemy and open them up for devestating attacks. This can be very anoying when fighting more than one enemy, luckly your party members are always there to heal you when your HP is low. This is nice as the healing is done with no prompting by the player. 

I will wright more as I continue to play for for now I have to watch the Seahawks take on the Bills.

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As far as I have read this game turned out to be total ass. A real shame, but not it all makes sense, why Microsoft passed publishing to Square-Enix (put a recognizable brand behind a bad game), and why there was so little pre-release specifics on the game. Honestly, seeing tri-Ace make such a blunder with this lowers my hopes for Star Ocean 4 significantly.

Will not buy, will not rent, will cry in a corner in dissapointment.

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I really don't see how the game turned out to be "total ass". The current review average is a 7.1, which isn't "total ass" at all. It's the people's fault for hyping it as much as they can and being letdown because it isn't ZOMG BEST GAME EVER.

I, for one, still intend to play this.

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exfate said:
"Will not buy, will not rent, will cry in a corner in dissapointment."
Suck it up. Stop being such a wuss.
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Well, I'm 10 hours into this, and to be completely honest, I'm really enjoying it. Many of the reviewers have blown things out of proportion (i.e: the slowdown, which is minimum and barely affects the game).

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I say that JRPGs are not RPGs, Infinite Undiscovery is an unncessarily paradoxical title, and JRPGs are not RPGs. The end.

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Totally don't care....not into this kind of shit, just your typical JRPG you've seen 300 times already, getting worse than WWII games..same shit everytime.

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I love people when people comment with stupid sh_t like, "JRPG's are not RPGs" -- whatever that means?  Or "It's the same sh_t that I don't play.  Will please excuses us your holiness,  so sorry you had to be brought down to our level of game playing -- you douche.  

Then WHY are you trolling and commenting about a JRPG game -- if you don't play them?  Are you stupid?  I don't play a lot of FPS, I suck at them, so what's the point of commenting about a subject that I don't like or suck at?  I have this game, and will get to it sometime after I finish Portal (PS3), Racket & Clank, FF10, and Tales of Vesperia.
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I'm only 8 hours in and I'm really enjoying it at the moment, i thought the first hour or so was meh but I plowed through and I am now finding a nice little gem, currently playing it on and off as i don't really have the time to play an RPG for hours and hours continuously, but so far im satisfied with it, that and it only cost me £10

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it has limited things to discover.

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