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Shoot for the Moon 0

Tri-ace's JRPG Infinite Undiscovery performs well in combat, but overall, this over-ambitious game lacks connection with the stories characters and fails to deliver on a few gameplay levels. IU takes the traditional turned-based RPG elements and substitutes the gameplay for real-time action. While the targeting system is easy enough to adjust to and the combos look pretty when chained together, the actual gameplay is a little dissapointing. Capell, the main character (and the only character you ...

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Infinitely Dissapointing 2

OverviewI'll say this up front. I enjoyed playing Infinite Undiscovery. a weird way, it's one of the worst JRPG I have ever played. I think. After I've sat down and thought about it, I realise it's a completely average if not below average game. I'll attempt to break it down into a somewhat semblent review.CombatThe combat in this game isn't the usual JRPG formula of "Run in a circle, get into an instanced fight, select moves from a menu and win". IU doesn't do this, and instead tries ...

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a refreshing action rpg! 0

with a decent storyline and great character development this rpg feels more like the older rpg's where storyline was all they had going for them. the gameplay of this game is excellent with the few drawbacks as far as your allies AI programming goes. the straightforawrd storlyine to this game is rather easy to get, however aqcuiring some of the extra storyline achievements will make you swear your face off and throw your controller across the room.  a couple oh times i found myself confused as t...

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Infinite Undiscovery was a total borefest. 0

I really didn't want to jump on the hate-bandwagon for this game.  I really didn't.  I wanted this game to be good, I really did.  That's why I bought it.  However, it just didn't click with me.   There was a few things that I enjoyed, I loved mapping out the world, I liked the music alot, and the battle system was ok enough.  However, the bad out weighted the good by a ton.  I hated the characters, the cutscenes bored me, the art style was bland.  The voice acting was terrible, the controls wer...

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An incredibly disappointing, highly generic mess of a JRPG. 2

I was personally hyping this game for the high A to low AA range. I was expecting an JRPG that carried with it the tradition of an engrossing story with beautiful senery, but also broke away from the norm with its revolutionary combat. What I got was a JRPG so generic that it was actually worse than average RPGs in the genre and its so called revolutionary combat sstem was so dull, simple, and easily broken that it just felt like a huge waste of time.Visually, the game looks like an HD PS2 game ...

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