morrelloman's Infinity Blade II (iPhone) review

Better Than the First

This game looks the best and is the best you can get on the iOS. The addition of heavy weapons and dual wielding along with variety in enemy types increases the replay value. Assuming they release patches that extend the story as happened in the First Infinity Blade this will eventually be perfect...While it does end on a nice cliff hanger it doesn't have the same "victorious, but over what??" sentiment that gave the first game nice closure. My only gripes are that heavy weapons are so much harder to use that they can be nearly impossible to grind later in the game. Additionally, the amount of in app marketing and purchasing BS is at an extra high level. You want me to buy the soundtrack, a book (actually the fiction is great, but whatever), a soundtrack, and in game gold with real $? The game is great but just watch out for the over commercialized BS that lingers in the background. Regardless, this is so worth your money.

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