How many bloodlines did it take you to beat The God King?

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#1 Posted by Centimani (563 posts) -

I myself just beat him on my fifth bloodline, and I was wondering what the average was around here.

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#2 Posted by Theologian78 (89 posts) -

I also beat him around 5th or 6th.  

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#3 Posted by MrMuscle (497 posts) -

Yeah around 5th or 6th sounds about right. I got him at level 300 now and he is fast as lightning.

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#4 Posted by guyver0 (202 posts) -

i think it was the 8th for me, i got close a couple of times but his super attack is just devastating. once you buy the infinity blade though he becomes pretty easy. lol.

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#5 Posted by logson (538 posts) -

On my 5th bloodline I went for the alternate ending. On my 6th I died, and I finished him for the first time on my 7th bloodline.

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#6 Posted by Trebz (488 posts) -

I beat him on my sixth and when I came back on my seventh, he killed me again.

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#7 Posted by christ0phe (1035 posts) -

I beat him on my 4th

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#8 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -

I got to like my 4th bloodline and then got fucking bored and stopped playing it.

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#9 Posted by Zereta (1520 posts) -

Killed him on 6th, got killed again on 7th.

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