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As Good As It Gets On Mobile. 0

At first blush Infinity Blade might seem like little more than a tech demo on rails with some basic hacking and slashing, but in practice it's so much more. It's exactly the right pace and difficulty ramp for a mobile device and it follows the tried and true philosophy for creating an exceptional mobile game.. It's easy to understand but difficult to master.  The Graphics It's unreal Engine 3.. on iOS. Having this level of graphic fidelity on a thin, portable device and having it run at a totall...

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Infinitely Addictive 0

Unreal Engine, this is a name synonymous with gamers. It's a game engine that was developed by Epic Games and was first used for Unreal back in 1998 and it's third iteration is used in todays games. A couple of the titles you might recognise currently running off Unreal Engine 3 are: Batman: Arkham Asylum & Arkham City, Gears of War 1-3 & Mass Effect 1-3. So to hear that this very same engine was being used in an iPhone game was surprising to say the least. Now if you own an iPhone and a...

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Hours of Fun! 0

Infinity Blade is one of the scarce games for iPhone/iPad which actually feels like a genuine game and does not look like it was developed in Flash. Can be credited to its use of the Unreal Engine. Although the game itself does not include much narrative content, it cleverly loops and encourages many play throughs or what they call "Bloodlines" for hours of character progression and fun. The combat system is very intricate, considering it is an iPhone/iPad game, and difficult to master, but this...

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Infinity Blade Review 0

Infinity Blade is basically the iPod equivalent of Punch Out, but set back in the time of swords and magic. What I mean by this is you're going to have to read your opponents moves and then counter attack, trying to create an opening to unleash havoc. This game was developed by Chair, and released by Epic, utilizing the Unreal engine.Needless to say this is probably one of the best looking games on the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. It's also a very good way to show the versatility of the Unreal Engine...

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Infinity Blade Review 0

The rule of thumb for mobile games is to make something that you can play for 5-10 minutes and then you move on to another game or reach your destination. Infinity Blade does it’s best to defy that rule of thumb. You start your questline as a warrior out to destroy the God-King, the immortal warrior who has yet to be defeated. It is a typical in RPG-style game where you gain experience from kills and can find treasures of health potions, cash, or new equipment. When you Level Up, you can put you...

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Infinity Blade Review 0

Ever since Apple catapulted mobile gaming into the limelight some years ago, the successes of these games have continued to grow exponentially. Today it is common place to see plush toys of games like angry birds on store shelves, or the odd person wandering the halls of gaming conventions wearing a cone on their head (A’la Plants Vs Zombies). Throughout these releases though, there was one question that remained on the lips of enthusiasts. Sure these games were successful and in many cases fun,...

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