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Two Factions, the Enlightened and Resistance, vie to control 'Portals' which are sources of exotic matter. Portals appear at real world locations around the globe, mostly on landmarks and notable locations.


Players choose one of the two factions and begin by accumulating Exotic Matter (XM) by moving within range of XM using the players Android device. XM allows the player to perform many actions in the game. Performing actions earns Action Points (AP) by hacking or performing other actions on Portals to level up. Other actions the player may perform include: capturing neutral or enemy Portals; recharging, modifying, or upgrading allied Portals; create links or control fields between two or more Portals. The game encourages players to work together in order to coordinate attacks and to place enough high level resisters on portals in order to create higher level portals. Higher level portals allow for links over greater distances and thus larger control fields. Control fields are a source of mind units (MU) witch add to your factions global score.

Portal Locations

Portals are located at landmarks such as statues, murals, unique stores, heritage buildings, etc. While players can see any portals in their immediate area, players can also consult the Ingress Intel map to see the location of all portals worldwide.

Players may submit locations they believe to be popular, unique, or otherwise notable enough to have a Portal placed there.

Beta Period

Since the app was first released Ingress has been in a closed beta. Activation codes can be acquired by by requesting one on the ingress website which typically takes a few months. Current players of the game are also occasionally given codes to invite friends. Some of the developers are very active on Google+ and will occasionally give out codes there for fanart.

On October 15, 2013 the app went into open beta. A iOS version is coming in the Summer of 2014.

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