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Ingrid is a character that has appeared in several Capcom fighting games and related spin-offs. Originally intended to make her debut in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars, her design was later reused in Capcom Fighting Evolution as the game's sole original character. She was also included in an updated PSP edition of Street Fighter Alpha 3 entitled Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

Ingrid's past is unknown and her abilities are only vaguely defined. Who or what she is seems to vary depending on the game in which she appears.

Capcom Fighting All-Stars

In Capcom Fighting All-Stars, Ingrid was to be one of three people in possession of the codes required to stop a bomb from destroying Metro City. The other two characters, D.D. and Rook, unlike Ingrid, have not appeared in any other productions since the game's cancellation.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

In Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Ingrid's abilities appear to be a variant of M. Bison's Psycho Power or Rose's Soul Power. She is depicted as a noble character that despises Satsui no Hadou, the dark form of chi mastered by Akuma.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Ingrid does not appear in Street Fighter X Tekken directly. However, in the prequel comic book produced to market the game, she is depicted as the one that sends Pandora to Earth, triggering the race to claim it.

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