Anybody know the reason why...

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you can only play the demo if you have Xbox Gold? It sure as hell isn't because of the multiplayer, because I can see Gears of War Judgement multiplayer demo is up and I could download it if I wanted. Really doesn't make any sense why they would do that... or is it just temporary?!?!

14 days gold trials do not work either, I am getting the game either way, but i'd still like to try it before I buy it.

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Because corporate greed, no other real reason technically. Never understood Microsoft holding back basic things if you didn't have gold, like Netflix. But yeah, I am pretty sure I'm getting it too, because even when the MK9 demo scared me away with weirdly half baked movements/animations , it shipped perfectly fine.

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@bestusernameever: I wouldn't have known that with the MK9 demo since they didn't put on on XBLA, grrrr. It's MK9 all over again!

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@bestusernameever: i thought that the mk9 launch was fucked. didnt they patch it like 6 times in the couple months that followed?

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@casper_: MK9 launch when smooth for me, I believe online was a nightmare. But I have yet to even try to play an online match in MK9.

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ugh that sucks dude

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Are you just noticing this now? It's been this way since the beginning of the Xbox 360.

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Because Micro$oft becuz bcuz M!cr$0ft

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@casper_ said:

@bestusernameever: i thought that the mk9 launch was fucked. didnt they patch it like 6 times in the couple months that followed?

Actually yeah I believe so. Even still though, I remember it launching in way better shape than the demo, that thing seriously made me consider buying mk9 at first.

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This is how Xbox Live has worked for a while now.

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Internet Explorer doesn't work with Silver lol.

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