Characters you most hate.

#1 Posted by Moody_yeti (369 posts) -

In most fighting games I dont mind who anyone picks...until this game. Got to love people picking deathstroke and then just stand at the edge of the screen spamming shots. So I was just wondering if any one a specific character they hate facing off against.

#2 Posted by gaminghooligan (1541 posts) -

I hate fighting Deathstroke players who just spam bullets, although I can usually manage to win anyhow. Other than that Shazam seems a little overpowered but not so much that he has any distinct advantage. Overall I still feel like the game maintains a fine if not a little shaky balance.

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i hate deathstroke as well but i would have to say a good player with catwoman is even worse still the best fighting game ive played though anyone who wants to through down on ps3 hit me up mrdenada is my network name

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