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So today's challenge is actually vaguely interesting and maybe there'll be more of these in the future. It's land 5 supers with Wonder Woman. For some reason her Super is very difficult to combo into as it appears to have the hitbox width of a pencil; the best combo I've found is back + square square X, back + Triangle, L2+R2. Use this thread for if you have any advice regarding the characters they have you play etc. Some day there will be a Lex/Frost challenge damnit!

Can't bump further but on the off chance someone reads this: Another interesting one today (8 PM EST 5/8), land 10 whip attacks with Catwoman, these are very easy to land and use attacks, down forward square for straight hits and down back square for anti air, additionally her air triangle is also a whip attack that hits fast and laterally. The nominal Catwoman combo is back forward triangle, back + X, jump in air triangle and a landing combo of your choice which could potentially end in a down forward square; 2 potential whips in one combo.

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