DLC Characters and Speculation

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Apparently it was leaked from game files on the disc already:





Batgirl? Seriously?

They just had to get a MK character in there didn't they... *shakes head*

Man, I really hope these aren't real. The fact Lobo would end up being the best DLC character is straight-up tragic.

Well, it looks like the leaked list has some legs to it. EventHubs just posted this story about Batgirl being in Injustice. Needless to say, this kinda bums me out. I think I'm more upset the Scorpion might be in the game. I was hoping they would've kept these games separate. Some day Jonah Hex... some day. :-(

Welp, I officially regret the season pass now. Especially considering from what I've read on the facebook page, not all the costumes are necessarily going to be free and they are NOT coming with the season pass.

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Better picture here from the Injustice Facebook Page.

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Batscorpion > all

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Any date on lobo?

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Scarecrow please!

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After sleeping on it. I'm okay with Batgirl now. Sure it's a little too much in the Batman camp of characters, but the Batman franchise is an easy sell. Also did some digging and what are the odds that "Scorpion" could be the obscure DC character that barely anyone knows about than the MK one everyone is thinking it is?

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I don't like Batgirl's character design. Looks like she's wearing a giant gold chain like Mr. T.

#111 Posted by Demoskinos (14848 posts) -

Batgirl trailer out this week. Also, super pumped because they unveiled a classic Harley Quinn costume skin! I'm hoping for a Raven skin or something seems most of the skins are being given to the top tier characters ( in terms of popularity) like batman and superman, wonderwoman which is disappointing. Hopefully the rest of the cast gets at least one more costume each.

As I said before I would like to see Raven in her New 52 costume or something resembling her Teen Titans costume. On a semi-related note I really wish I was decent with Grundy because man he has some great costumes. Boss Grundy is fantastic.

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I wanna see Harley Quinn in a wedding dress. The same wedding dress you see her wear in her Classic Battle ending.

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Hey for those who are still following this game Batgirl got released yesterday for ps3 and today for xbox 360 I believe.

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