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In my Injustice, i bought the season pass when i was picking up my game because I Pre-ordered the game for the 360, now when I tried to download Lobo when he came out, there was a gray area in his selection portrait, now when Batgirl and the other characters came out i downloaded all of them the same Gray area was shown still, and even when General Zod came out recently it's still showing the area, help me please, it's driving me crazy. do i have to defeat them first or something?

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@dimitripetrov5: Are you sure you downloaded Lobo and not the compatibility pack? A greyed out box indicates you don't actually have the content yet. You shouldn't have to do anything to access Lobo, Bat Girl, Scorpion or Zod besides downloading them.

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Wonder if you activated correctly, sounds like you might have to do it again. Another thing is I don't quite remember all the pre-order exclusives but I don't believe a season pass was part of the pre-order giveaways might have to check to see if you did get one. Season pass were sold separately at the stores for about $14.99 a piece, which could possibly have been packaged in with maybe the deluxe edition, not sure.

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The DLC is super buggy for this game, just redownload from the store. If that doesn't work goto your consoles storage settings and delete there and redownload.

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I have a PS3, but weirdly enough I would get all the DLC characters a day before they were even released. I dunno what's up with your thing. Maybe click on the season pass thing and hit purchase again and see if it recognizes that you have the characters.

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