Free Arkham skins from German facebook (x360 region free)

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I can comfirm it works for 360. Thanks a ton, duder!

#3 Posted by ShaggE (7234 posts) -

Cheers! I've been wanting these skins.

#4 Posted by JoeyRavn (5129 posts) -

Awesomesauce. Much obliged, duder :D

#5 Edited by Scullinator (550 posts) -

Wow, holy shit this works. Thanks a ton man!

#6 Posted by Scullinator (550 posts) -

Now why is something like this not on the American version of the facebook page?

#7 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

Leider keine Codes mehr verfügbar.

None left.

#8 Posted by Hardtarget (288 posts) -

son of a, this was the dlc I got with my purchase at best buy!

#9 Edited by KeV1989 (7 posts) -

Got a code just now. Goin to try this later on. Loved the AC Joker design

#10 Edited by lord_canti (1658 posts) -

aannnnd there out of codes ¬_¬

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