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Battle Edition cost 150$ to buy.You get everything in this picture

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The collectors edition cost 99$.A person gets a film,comic book,figure,game, and exclusive skin.Sounds pretty neat.

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I haven't read the comic but here's what I think the story for the game is about.Superman goes edgy because edgy is cool and better, right?He becomes a dictator because he's mad that the love of his life, Lois Lane, died by The Joker.Superman in the trailer said,"I trusted him,he betrayed me,he took her away from me."Superman teamed up with The Joker to beat Lex Luthor,he must have been desperate to do that.The Joker was like ,"Fuck it,I'ma troll Superman and kill Lois Lane."Superman becomes dark and a dictator because of her death.

Judging by the picture,Wonder Woman teams up with Batman to keep Superman in check or she may not have an alliances and does whatever the **** she wants.Batman tries to beat Superman and he's at odds with him.

Are you team Superman or team Batman?
Are you team Superman or team Batman?
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The stick looks really nice, but it's being made by PDP again, like the MK9 one. Bummer. I only have a pretty crummy fight stick and the design of that bad boy is fantastic. PDP has a pretty bad reputation as far as quality goes, though.

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Been reading the individual comics as they've come out and its amazing. Like surprisingly great. Something to consider if you're considering the Collector's edition.

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Harley Quinn looks ridiculous in the pic posted.

It's like they're trying to out stupid the New 52 costume somehow.

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