Injustice will be getting more DLC after the 4th character.

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Ed boon announced on twitter today that they will be doing more injustice DLC, whether that will be one character or another round of 4 characters remains to be seen but he said to look to E3 for this news after they reveal the 4th character (which considering man of steel is out next week, its very most certainly general zod)

as for the player requests thing, most likely its gonna be martian man hunter as thats the most requested character, and then either the cast from this poll or the winner of this poll as this was a poll created by Ed himself.

gotta hand it to them, they are supporting the hell out of this game, hope they do the same thing for MK10

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I'd like some Starfire myself.

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Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Zatanna would be awesome.

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@mrfluke: Martian Manhunter is in the scorpion trailer at the end.

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I'd like some Starfire myself.


also I'd like to see Beast Boy and Martian Manhunter (he's got a model already!). Blue Beetle and maybe some villains that aren't from Batman would be nice also.

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@benny: ya thats what people have been saying, and ed has also been constantly asked by people to add martian manhunter :P

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Watchmen characters would be cool

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@cheesebob: i would say they wouldn't go that obscure, but they did put freddy kruger in MK9.

i dont think it'll happen though, there are too many other DCU people that are being requested than the watchmen crew

and besides, Dr Manhattan would be way too OP :P

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Jesse F'ing Custer

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C'mon, Dogwelder! I believe in you!

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I'd love to see Beast Boy, but that's probably too much to hope for.

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@mrfluke: hopefully they'll bring their netcode fixes from Injustice into MK10, I can barely play MK9 online

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The next four characters are rumored to be:

Martian Manhunter
Power Girl
Red Hood
Sub Zero

Possibles (but less likely):

Blue Beatle
Swamp Thing
Dr. Fate
Static Shock

I've been playing so much Injustice, it's madness... Like 50 or 60 hours...

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fuck yeah red hood.

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@you_died: im sure they will, netherealm seems to be more about their fanbase

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@liquidprince: Ed Boon has pretty much outright said that first list isn't real, and since Scorpion came out has SWORN that he's the only guest character and Sub-Zero will not be coming out.

The other three are still pretty damn likely and would be totally welcome though.

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@liquidprince: Ed shot down the subzero one repeatedly on twitter (for comparison, he actually didnt shoot down people when they were asking about scorpion). whether you want to believe him fully thats up to you. i don't blame you if you don't.

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I'm terrible at fighting games but I would so play this game if Static Shock, Blue Beetle, Starfire & Beast Boy were DLC.

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@mrfluke: No less OP than Superman hahaha

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