Martian Manhunter is coming to Injustice

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The long rumored Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz, is joining the fight as the fifth DLC character for the fighting game. Manhunter will not be covered by the first season pass, which was good for the first 4 and a Flashpoint skin pack. Neather Realm Studios could always offer another season pass meaning even more DLC characters. NRS has been using the release of characters as a point to add major patches to the game.

For his part MM has the stretchy moves of Dhalsim but moves quicker and is overal shown to be more offesnive, something Injustice seems to favor. Sadly no Shang Sung style character morphing.

Also shown in the trailer was a John Stewart skin for Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). This new skin also sounds like a new voice.

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Damn. Haven't had the pleasure of playing Injustice yet, and I was still getting nervous watching that relentless beatdown. Not gonna say OP yet of course, but those endless ranged attacks, teleports, and projectiles (that one that was 3, close, mid, and far!) seems pretty hard to contend with.

Some morphing would have been pretty cool as you said, especially since he actually does in his super, but maybe that's them continuing to try and distinguish themselves from MK.

Also, the stretchy attacks are cool, but Ed Boon's been pretty heavily implying that Plastic Man is coming as DLC too. I hope they can make him different enough.

All in all though, awesome!

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Sounds like the voice actors from Justice League. The fact that it's not ALWAYS the voice actors from Justice League is troubling to me.

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Finally, the DLC characters people actually wanted!

He looks awesome, and having his JL voice actor come back, and getting Phil LaMarr to do the John Stewart skin is really, really cool. I hope the rest of the second run of DLC characters can keep this up, unlike the first which went downhill after Lobo.

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Do you not think the game would have benefited from not having those long finishing moves. They are ok the first few times but seeing Green Lanterns move again gets old. I am not saying the game is bad but I think those animations play out too long. Thoughts?

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@supersolidsnake2019: Why would you want to shorten super moves? Part of the gleeful hype is watching that go down and knowing your opponent can't do a thing about it. Besides with how meter management works in Injustice Supers are kind of pointless most of the time MB moves are way more useful. Their ending poses are a bit long but eh that's not a big deal.

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@supersolidsnake2019: Meh, I guess they could've made them as short as something like Ultras in Street Fighter IV, but unlike SF4, Mortal Kombat's X-rays/Injustice's super moves aren't good use of meter so they rarely ever slow down competitive play because no one uses them.

They exist almost entirely for the casual player to get a kick out of, like fatalities, and I think they serve that purpose well in their current form.

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netherealm doing good by its fans.

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