Ragequiter Gets a Win, I Get a Loss?

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So, a weird thing happened to me a minute ago. I had the online record of 13W/14L. I had checked it right before I queued up for another player match, that's why I remember. The person I got matched up against had a record of 37W/38L and over a dozen disconnects. So I go into the match and he hits me with a car (so his health was higher than mine), then immediately the match ends, and a message pops up that says "(players name) has ended the match."

I queue up for a player match again and get the same guy, but notice his record is now 38W/38L. So instantly I think "what the hell?" I go and check my record and I'm now 13W/15L...

My question is.... What the hell is up with that crap? Can anyone confirm this? Do you get a win if you have more health than the opponent when the match ends, regardless of how the match ends? Because if so, this might be the crappiest thing I've ever seen in an online competitive game.


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Update on this. I can confirm it, although it isn't related to who has more health. Apparently if anyone quits against you, you get a loss. I was at a 20W/20L record and got into a game, and started kicking this guys ass. As soon as he lost his first health bar he left. When I checked my record directly after the match I was at 20W/21L....

Seriously, what kind of fucked crap is this? Someone leaves the match and I get pegged with a loss? How is this ok at all?

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That... makes no sense whatsoever. How would the person who is disconnecting be gaining anything out of it? Hope they fix that.

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They should really change that. It fucking blows that an online competitive system favors douche cheaters, however unintentionally that might have come around.

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I thought it affected the true-skill too? Still that's totally dumb I think they should also change your W/L not to record bot fights too. Or, at least have it be separate from the Ranked Game W/L

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I've had a few quitters who pop out at the last second. Frustrating enough to have to put up with a sore loser, but it's also racking up losses on my record? Thanks Injustice, I didn't need any help with that.

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I rarely play online anymore and it's mostly because of ragequitters. I could care less about my win/loss record but all those guys just leaving the match suck. Tried it again yesterday and had a healthy lead with Yellow Lantern, (not even spamming lantern's might just doing my thing, hitting him with combos and dolphin kicks) then I hit my super and the guy leaves. Turned it off after that. I guess that those quits count as a win doesn't help the matter much.

Still, I'm having a lot of fun learning different characters.

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i heard it was both parties that got a loss which is only slightly less stupid.

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Really? It's been the opposite for me so far. Everytime someone has ragequit or disconnected, it has counted it as a win for me.

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This issue is really bumming me out. I'm running into a good number of quitters. It's starting to spoil the whole experience for me. I guess I could just play more KotH matches and less ranked, but I hate having to wait forever for a turn. KotH with more than 3 or 4 players isn't very fun.

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Well, Injustice is the name of the game so caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

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So basically all the low ranking players with high losses are the greatest players ever?

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I've had people quit on me and I seem to have gotten the wins soooo..... Idk what's the deal with you. I'm on Ps3 too of that helps.

EDIT: Actually I just tallied up a loss on a rage quit. Man that really sucks and I'm almost positive it is NOT supposed to work like that. Hopefully they get around to fixing it. To be fair though, I have really only had a few rage quits and most of them that I'm aware of gave me the win.

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Why is there even an option to quit during a match? I can't think of why someone would need to quit, the matches only last a couple of minutes; and if a match gets too laggy the game usually ends the match anyway. Eliminating the option to quit would get rid of rage quitters, as they are the lamest people on earth.

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Actually had two people rage quit on me today, made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside meaning I am actually (at least) decent at a fighting game. Both times it was counted as a win for me, also on PS3 by the way.

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They're supposedly working on a fix that should be out soon. Until then, I'm avoiding online matches for now. Had two rage quits which messed up my streak bonus. Got the STAR Labs to keep me busy until then.

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Have you ever stopped to think this is not a glitch? When player matching doesnt take unto consideration players lvls, matching a lvl 102 vs a lvl 22 is way out of proportion. I have watch string zoners/spammers repeatedly win matches . They award the match to the disconnector to try to keep zoning at bay. They should instead make a cool down period on some moves.not all zoning moves are easily punished. Players have exploited the disconnect factor but if your not zoning and just winning most people will not quit.

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@joed1111: Of course, this is a glitch. Ed Boon fixed that months ago.

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Very important thread here, people.

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