Survival vs. KOTH

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Can someone please explain the difference between these two modes please?

And which do you prefer?

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In KOTH as the winner you start every round with full health, in Survival you only regenerate some amount of health based on the actions you perform in battle. (environmental attacks, supers)

And i definitely like KOTH better.

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Survival is better if you're a good player playing against middling-average players (TNT definitely should have been Survivor for instance); King of the Hill is better if you're equally skilled with everyone else in the lobby; both modes are severely hampered by spammers since there's not really that many solid players playing player matches right now (say that 10 times fast); but in the event that you find a King/Survivor who doesn't appear to be a huge douche then it can be a lot of fun and you might learn something in watching. A lot of the time I join KotH lobbies just to relax for a a few matches prior to going back to ranked.

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