Unlocking Batman Beyond skin using the IOS version

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So if you link Injustice on the console with Injustice on the iPad, you can unlock a few cool costumes. One of them is the Batman Beyond costume, but it's done through such a bizarre challenge that I almost think it was designed to be a "let's game the system together" thing. You have to play an online game, do all three transitions in the Metropolis stage AND win the fight. (Typical ex-Midway employee behavior, but what are you gonna do?) Doing this unlocks the Batman Beyond skin on the iPad version, which should unlock it on the console version as well (the criteria for that is "get any Batman card in the IOS version"), I just don't see it happening unless both parties are down to game the system in this way. Doing ONE transition against humans is hard enough, let alone all three on a level that's so large, you have to walk to transition points just so your opponent's health holds out.

Anyone up for that on the PS3? My gamer tag is Foenix654 (because you can't use a city name on the PSN, even though I didn't think of Phoenix the city when I chose the name... anyway), hit me up if so. I'll gladly be your punching bag if you'll be mine.

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Anyone...? Anyone...?

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i sent u a message on psn. my gamer tag is mazan06

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when do u want to unlock the stuff?

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I'm interested. Gamer tag = Ramarix

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I'm interested as well Gamer tag NobleRevenge

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Ill do it psn: chowmanew

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Hey guys I would really like to have batman beyond on my team in iOS so if any of you guys beat the consul game would you please log in to my wb account user name is jpinkley13@gmail.com and password is Hardwork92 yes with a capital H, so if anybody gets this I would really appreciate it he is my favorite hero. Thanks guys!

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@ares07: Just a friendly warning... it's usually not a good idea to give out a username and psswd of any account you have online, even if that data isn't connected to anything else. Also, you can get Batman Beyond in Injustice mobile by buying the gold packs that give you a random gold character.


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