Want some of them iOS costumes?

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#101 Posted by Xrebellion (3 posts) -


Just wanted to come say THANK YOU to whomever has helped me with some of these costumes! I appreciate it greatly

#102 Posted by LiquidPrince (15898 posts) -

@xrebellion: You should probably not post your email and password right here and just PM him...

#103 Posted by TheStimpinator (105 posts) -

is this still a thing?

#104 Edited by Xrebellion (3 posts) -

@liquidprince: even though it is a catch all, dummy account, you're probably right

#105 Posted by Here_4_Injustice_Harley (1 posts) -

I need Arkham City Harley *BADLY. (Knightfall Bane would be cool too. Don't need McGuinness but convict Supes'd be nice)

I don't have a pre-existing WBID account, so if anyone can help, message me. I'm Lvl. 54 on the Xbox 360 and have done a good number of challenges (134-127 W/L online) as well as 66% of the STAR Labs missions.

#106 Edited by asherkotadia (1 posts) -

i sent a PM

#107 Edited by Athenpple963 (1 posts) -

Hey i know im too late for this, but can you please help me get arkham harley it would mean a lot for me

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