Where To Import UK Version

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So up front I'll admit to being a sucker for special editions....I can't apologize for the mental illness or whatever you want to call it.

That being said I really don't like the collectors edition from the US because no way is Wonder Woman making a chump of Batman going to be something I pay extra for (not because of the whole women being weak and crap that people argue about on twitter, just because BATMAN-end-of-story-he's-BATMAN-nobody-beats-him-ever).

The UK edition however is awesome but doesn't appear to be for sale anywhere except Amazon France which I'm doubtful will work because of the PAL vs. NTSC stuff I've read conflicting information about online.

Anyone else even interested in the Collectors Edition and have an opinion about US vs. UK? More importantly, anyone have any ideas where the UK edition may be for sale online?

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go to zavvi.com or thehut.com or amazon.co.uk and see if they ship games outside of Europe.

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All european copies will be PAL and the same region. France has never used NTSC, it used to use secam for analogue. I still have a french Wii that works fine in the UK.

PS3 should be fine as long as your TV isn't ancient. 360 could be region locked - but Warner releases have always been region free so far.

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Good to know. I just checked with Amazon.co.uk and they don't offer it but the weird thing is the guy at the end said something like "thank you for respecting confidentiality of future promotions". It was incredibly odd but I can't imagine with the release date coming so soon that he'd be referring to something like an unveiling since it's been listed online for months.

It's not listed online at Zawi either. I guess maybe special editions are just not as big a deal to other countries as it is in the USA. I wish they would just have one or two versions everywhere.

Oh well, first world problems I guess.

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Isn't the whole PAL / NTSC distinction a relic from the days when consoles were connected to TVs through analogue means?

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@Gaff said:

Isn't the whole PAL / NTSC distinction a relic from the days when consoles were connected to TVs through analogue means?

Yeah, region locking is the only issue you'll encounter now, which shouldn't occur for the PS3 version of the game.

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