Who are you excited to play as?

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I'm excited to play as Harley Quinn. She is my favorite DC villain of all time. What about all of you guys?

#2 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Batman. If the Court of Owls Assassin were in it, I'd play as him too. I'm also excited to see how Sinestro differs from Green Lantern.

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i wasn't that psyched about the demo but i think harley looks pretty cool too (i think its mainly that i like harley cuz i cant really tell exactly what she plays like.) catwoman looks like she has some cool rushdown stuff and green arrow seems interesting as well.

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Aquaman. Duh.

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@nonused said:

Aquaman. Duh.

Funny thing is...Aquaman is kind of rad now. He's a straight badass in the comic prequel. And what I've seen of his moves look great.

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Not buying the game right now, but if I ever get around to playing it, it's a toss up between Joker and Solomon Grundy for me.

Though if early word is any indication, The Flash plays a lot like MK9 Kabal so I expect everybody will be playing him in a month or two.

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Raven, Harley Quinn. Not a huge comic's person so a lot of them I am not unfamiliar with.

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There are a lot I'm really looking forward to playing. Going to give Batman, Bane, Joker, Nightwing, Cyborg, Flash, Green Arrow, and Aquaman a shot to see which one(s) feel best for me.

#11 Posted by Barrock (3783 posts) -

Lobo. Err... Swamp Thing... Err... Animal Man... Err... Man-Bat. Err...

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The Flash or Raven, maybe the hul..... nevermind.

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I'm assuming they'll make you play as multiple characters during story mode as per NetherRealm/ Destrega style campaign. I'm just excited for the single player right now and I'm confident they roll out characters in the order they're meant to be played. If I'm expected to jump into multiplayer then maybe Luthor or Sinestro.

#14 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5157 posts) -

I'm actually excited to play the characters who were in the previous game and see if they've changed at all. If I gotta pick one probably be Solomon Grundy.

#15 Posted by N7 (3962 posts) -

Green Arrow. YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY, teehee!

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The Flash is here!

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Grundy, Flash, and sinestro

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Batman, Catlady, Hawkdurl.

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The more I think about it, the more I am planning on playing as characters I don't really know too much about. Killer frost, Ares, Cyborg, Shazam, Black Adam, and deathstroke. I've never been into comic books for story, but always really loved the artwork. Can't wait for this to drop!

#24 Posted by mpgeist (657 posts) -

Catwoman, Hawkgirl. Excited to try all of them honestly, been a DC fan all my life.

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Bane, Deathstroke, Solomon Grundy

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Deathstroke and Flash look like good brawlers and I'm at my fighting game best up close and all out

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i can't believe that no one wants to play Scarecrow!

i just can't f*ckin wait to play him!

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Harley looks fun. I wish Red Robin was in it, I'd play as him if I could.

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@drdomino said:

i can't believe that no one wants to play Scarecrow!

i just can't f*ckin wait to play him!

Uhhh... little problem there...

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Green Lantern or Sinestro. Really just so I can trash talk friends with "Kiss dat ring!" after I beat them.

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I'm normally not a Superman guy, but reading the comic tie in's actually makes him seem like an interesting character and I'd like to play a good Superman game for once.

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Green Lantern and Flash are stupid good in this game. Jesus.

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watched some videos/streams. there is some stupid stuff in this game. flash has a dash cancel infinite that looks absurdly easy to pull off (which im sure will get patched but i think the problem is a system level thing seeing as how lex luthor had one in the demo as well.), superman has a 91% combo not even using all his meter, killer frost has an almost entirely unavoidable command grab set up after a knockdown.

all this shit has been found out and the game hasn't even been released to the public yet. i'm not too confident in the game but still i applaud NR making it easy to put out patches quickly/cheaply.

#35 Posted by brownsfantb (426 posts) -

The Flash for sure.

The game looks awesome even with all of the weird exploits people are finding. Those don't bother me as much because I'm not a hardcore fighting fan so I won't be playing any "serious" matches. Really just looking forward to the story mode and having fun with friends.

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Buddy Baker.

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Man, the Flash is fun to mash with play as.

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