Will season pass only be for DLC characters?

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#1 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5531 posts) -

My question is if anybody knows if the season pass will also include the new release skin pack or just the dlc characters? Seems pretty weird that a season pass isn't including all dlc releases.

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#2 Posted by Epidehl (574 posts) -

I believe it was said somewhere on their facebook that it DOES NOT include the costumes, which sucks. Some will come with the characters, like the Flashpoint Batman is coming with Lobo. Kind of a bummer since some of those other costumes are awesome, and the characters seem like they're going to be pretty disappointing.

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#3 Posted by Scullinator (550 posts) -

Would have never baught season pass if I knew that dlc costumes were not part of it. Fooled me once...

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Yeah, it's a Saint's Row 3 situation where only certain dlc is included in the pass. Everything else needs to be bought separately. To be fair, the pack was never advertised to include all the dlc, just the 4 characters. The term "Season Pass" really needs to be changed to Discount Bundle or something as this happens with other games too with people assuming it includes everything.

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This current season pass is only for the 4 characters and the Flashpoint skin pack. All other costume packs released in the interim are their own thing and will prolly run you $3. NRS can still sell another season pass for another 4 characters or what not.

This is where I think Game Pubs need better branding (for lack of a better term) on the "season pass" concept. Season Pass makes it sound like anything and everything to the everyman. Character pass or something mroe descriptive would make more sense and be less condusing..

@scullinator Just curious what exactly made you think you were getting all the skin packs? All the marketing material I've ever seen about it was clearly said 4 characters and the Flashpoint Skin Pack.

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@mrmazz: I was at the midnight release and they were selling the "season pass" at the register. It was an impulse buy really. And seeing that it came with 3 skins day 1 why not assume it covered all skins as a proper season pass would. I agree with an earlier poster that they need to stop calling it a S.P. and call it a bundle pack.

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