koopakorral's Injustice: Gods Among Us (PlayStation 3) review

Not Mortal Kombat 9. Well, maybe if you want it to be.

InJustice: Gods Among Us.

Just to get right down to it, this game is not Mortal Kombat 9. Well, maybe it is a little bit like MK9 but with DC characters. Actually playing the game feels vaguely familiar, but at the same time very different from NetherRealm's previous fighter.

The unique movesets of the DC roster really makes your fighter feel powerful with every punch you land. Probably the most interesting addition to the MK9 formula in InJustice is the dynamic backgrounds. Stuff is always exploding or breaking behind the characters with every super move and combo executed. There's also tangible objects that can be brought into the fight. The could be say a gas line on the ceil, your character in mid jump can grab that pipe and use the gas the knock your opponent out.

The story mode is still the best feature, even if the plotline is nonsensical. You go through various characters, fight typically 4 fights which end in a difficult almost "boss" fight at the end(which is almost always a fight against yourself.)

The super moves are fantastic. Take Flash's supermove for example: He punches the character up in the air, and the run all the way across the globe to again land a punch from the other side. Truly ridiculous stuff, though it can get a little old seeing the same clip over and over.

The Multiplayer is also enjoyable. There's a ranking system as well and King of The Hill matches, and a sort of multiplayer tutorial system which seems like a really neat idea, though I didn't get the chance to try it out.

The STAR Labs are an interesting addition to main story mode. It's essentially the same mode as in MK9. You do various missions such as landing certain combos properly. They add good replay value, and a challenge for the people that want it.

Overall, they've expand the MK9 formula that was so successful and added in some new additions that really work well creatively. If you enjoyed MK9, you'll enjoy InJustice. If you didn't enjoy MK9, it's still worth checking out, just for the new addition and the characters. It's a solid fighter and a solid DC game. But, that's really it, it's just a solid fighter. Nothing really compels InJustice to excellence, I certainly wouldn't say it's particularly better than Mortal Kombat. But, this a game in which Aqua Man is my favorite character, so they had to have done something right.

Good Stuff:

  • Same great Single Player.
  • Incredibly fluid, fast action.
  • Online works much better than MK9.
  • Cool roster of characters.

Not So Good Stuff:

  • Laughable Plot Line.
  • No Martian Manhunter.
  • Repetitive Gameplay(Though no more than any other fighter.)

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