Heads up for anyone buying Injustice!

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So if you sent picky where you do business you may want to buy this at Wal-Mart. All first run copies come with a free copy of MK vs DCU as well as an Arkham City skin pack for Injustice. Just something to consider.

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I love me some walmart bonuses. Got the soundtrack for MGR: Revengeance and Tomb Raider came with a skin, map and the Guardian of Light xbla game

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It's funny, but this is one of the reasons that I'm NOT buying injustice at launch. I loathe retail exclusive DLC, unless at least all the pre-order DLC can be obtained at one particular store, and that's bad enough. That's absolutely not the case with injustice, and I'd probably have to buy four or five copies of the damn thing just to have some stupid cosmetic DLC when I'm paying 60 dollars and supporting the game at launch. I hate that crap.

Instead, if the latest Mortal Kombat is any indication, I'll just wait six to nine months or so, and buy a special edition with all of the pre-order and post-launch DLC included for under $30. That game was released in February of 2012, and I can currently buy a brand new copy of the Komplete Edition for $16.49, so I guess cheap things come to those of us who wait.

After that rant, I should still say thank you for the heads up, though. For the less patient, it's always good to know these things before buying a new game.

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@spaceinsomniac: I understand where your coming from, but for me, I couldn't care less about any cosmetic stuff. And the extras they gave me weren't pre-order related, that's just what their copies include.

From my perspective, I went into walmart specifically to buy those games. The bonuses I got were like presents they gave me. I didn't know about them, nor was I looking for them, but if they want to give me extras (and another game is a pretty sweet extra) I'm going to take it and be happy

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ya, but then you would have to goto walmart...

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Did you post this under the iPad game on purpose? :D

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I remember that Transformers game last year came bundled with a free code for War for Cybertron. Kinda regret not taking up that deal.

Also when I got Arkham City it came bundled with a free copy of Arkham Asylum GOTY. Walmart has some slick ass deals sometimes.

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@starvinggamer: No, honestly didn't realize there were two entries. Also, the mobile site is only half-working for me ATM so... I was barely able to post this. =p

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Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on this. I've been wanting to play MK vs. DCU for a couple of years now but never pulled the trigger, so buying Injustice and getting that for free is a pretty good bonus.

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Got mine at Toys R Us for $35 on day 1. :)

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Contemplating picking it up at Toys R Us.

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