How long do the costumes for the real game take to unlock?

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Wondering if it's worth digging out my iPad for this since it's not available on Android. I don't want to play it, but if you can get the costumes for the console game relatively easily I might try.

Anyone done it?

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Yes I would like to know the same thing, and which costumes unlock with the ios version? Heard something along the lines of a batman beyond skin if you play this.

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There's 5 skins, listed shown on the bottom of the console game page:

You can get "New 52 Green Lantern" & "Knightfall Bane" really easily by just signing up for a WBid account and rating the app in itunes.

Getting "Batman Beyond" & "Arkham Harley" require you to get a batman and a joker character card in the app. A batman card costs 180K coins and Joker card costs 48K coins and in an hour of play I got around 40K coins. You can pay with real money to get coins and buy your way to the skins there's a few different levels of coins to buy. It seems like joker would be around $5 worth of coins and Batman is around $17. I assume that coins will start coming in faster as you progress through the game.

To get the last hidden reward which I assume is the superman one requires you to beat every battle in the game, which would take a while.

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