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I am unlocking the challenge categories on my iPad but it shows all the time message 'Internet unavailable, cannot connect etc etc' but I have connection. Any ideas?

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use more English.

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@beyond_the_infinite: Not everyone is a native English speaker. We don't have to be rude to them just because of that. He seems to be making an effort.

@883924 I am uncertain what your specific problem may be. Have you made sure your iPad isn't in airplane mode? Is your iPad allowing the app to connect to the Internet? I have heard there have been some regional issues with it. Have you made sure the settings are country United States and Language English? That seemed to be an odd glitch some people were seeing. Lastly, have you made sure it is updated to the latest version of the app?

Good luck with it.

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Thanks for the reply. My iPad has Internet connection running smoothly (I'm working on safari) the game shows WB ID logged in, but when I press the challenge button it says 'could not establish connection to the Internet. Claim your rewards by establishing an Internet connection and restarting the app' it is rather strange isn't? Hope now was more clear.

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@883924: Have you googled for a similar error on the game? Because that sounds like a bug that others have mentioned encountering.

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@truthtellah: I tried a bit but not found something interesting. In my iPhone I have the same prob as well as in a friend's iPad... Did anybody with an iPad succeed to take the challenge rewards?

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@883924: I think people have. Though, I've heard plenty of people noting issues with it, especially regional issues with it saying it can't connect. That's all I know. I hope you can figure it out.

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Thanks for your time. I will try to. When u said for settings set to United States and language English you mean the device settings or in game settings?

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@truthtellah: thank you! I did it! You were a great help, thank you especially for your behavior

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