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As a member of the ruthless Ordo Xenos branch of the Imperial Inquisition, he is charged with the destruction of all enemies of the Imperium. Spending much of his life in the darkest parts of the galaxy, he has accumulated a large amount of mental and physical scars. He gained much of them when captured by a group of aliens who tortured him for years. It is because of this, Inquisitor Drogan developed a deep-seeded hatred for all aliens and is driven to develop new and ruthless ways of destroying them.

While on Forge World Graia, Drogan pushed scientists into developing a new weapon that has devastating results. He informs Captian Titus that the energy of the weapon that the captain was tasked into protecting could create a direct link to the Warp and the energies of Chaos. After informing Captain Titus the effects of the weapon ran risk of tearing the planet apart, he and the captain decide that the possibility of completely wiping out the Orks is worth the risk. However, when the Inquistor fired the weapon at a planetary spire, but it resulted in opening a direct link with the Chaos Warp. Inquisitor Drogan was killed when he attempted to submit to the chaos Terminator sorcerer named Nemeroth that emerged from the Chaos Warp. Captian Titus finds out later that the Inquisitor was already dead and was simply being used like a puppet in order to draw the Space Marines to the planet.

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