burnttech's Insaniquarium Deluxe (PC) review


Might want a extra mouse with this one. This game includes collecting money by clicking, feeding the fish by clicking and attacking by by clicking. But really it was a good game to burn some time on and the idea behind buying upgrades keeps you interested for a bit.


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    Fish, Aliens, and No Fun 0

    Do not let the cute fish, improbable aliens, and frantic clicking fool you. At its heart, Insaniquarium is a strategy game. It just is not a very good one, despite its novel premise which has players managing an aquarium filled with creatures that literally poop gold. Should these riches be saved to buy an early exit from the level, or should they go towards the purchase of an additional fish? Would it be worth it to research fancier lasers for fending off those pesky interdimensional invasions?...

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    Why the crap isn't this game on iOS yet? 0

    The ShortPros- Raise fish to get money, get money to get more fish, all for pointless consumerism- Unlock a collection of "guest" fish that will help you in levels- Fight aliens (?!) by...clicking on them?- After a while, this game really does become an insane aquarium. Or, dare I say, INSANIQUARIUM?!Cons- Why on earth is the Deluxe version of this game still $20?!- The basic Java version/demo/whatever is just as good as the paid version, almost- Those aliens are jerks and they eat my fish :(- A...

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