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172403 Cribba Game Overview 04/17/15 12:11AM 2 Approved
103484 Marino Game Overview 05/01/14 07:43PM 3 Approved
103483 Marino Game Overview 05/01/14 07:43PM 3 Approved
88032 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/11/14 02:05PM 7 Denied
88031 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/11/14 02:01PM 11 Approved
88029 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/11/14 01:56PM 6 Approved
88028 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/11/14 01:56PM 6 Approved
86915 teodora Game Overview Insurgency 02/04/14 06:06AM 1 Approved
86914 teodora Game Overview 02/04/14 06:05AM 1 Approved
84327 abdall Game Overview 01/26/14 03:56AM 1 Denied
83586 NuclearWinter Game Overview 01/23/14 03:29PM 2 Approved
83451 Jagged85 Game Overview 01/23/14 01:42AM 33 Approved
83106 flasaltine Game Overview 01/21/14 02:09PM 4 Approved
83104 flasaltine Game Overview 01/21/14 02:08PM 4 Approved
83102 flasaltine Game Overview 01/21/14 02:07PM 118 Approved
83095 flasaltine Game Releases 01/21/14 01:35PM 2 Approved
82879 flasaltine Game Overview 01/20/14 02:09PM 108 Approved
82878 flasaltine New Release 01/20/14 01:43PM 7 Approved
82877 flasaltine Game Overview Game is being released on the 22nd. Also it is just called Insurgency now. Not Insurgency 2. The Kickstarter was not successful. 01/20/14 01:39PM 31 Approved
14317 CptMorganCA Game Overview Just an overview of the game. Though, I don't know if it was okay to include a link to the game's official website at the end of the Overview. I'll be happy to take that out if necessary. 03/17/13 08:45AM 62 Approved

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