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Up to four players take the field in one of the four main modes: Fast Game, Single Match, World Series and Practice.

There are four game modes in International Cricket:

Fast Game (One-Two Players)

Teams are randomised, and if in one-player mode, P1 assumes control of first selected team.

Single Match (One-Two Players)

Teams (and colour) are manually selected. Player lists are selected (11 from 16), where individual player stats can be viewed showing their regular team position and skills in Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Running. While the CPU is manually selected, their team list is not.

World Series (One-Four Players)

Similar to the above mode, but expanded up to four players in a tournament style.

Practice (One-Two Players)

One team is selected to bat first and is able to practice batting against various bowling types, and practicing various bowling modes.

Options (Bold is Default)

Number (of) Overs: 10, 25, 30, 40, 50

Bowl Screen: On/Off

Ingame Music: On/Off

Bounce Cross: On/Off

Computer Aided Selections: On/Off

Team Lists

AustraliaEnglandSouth AfricaIndiaPakistanSri LankaWest IndiesNew Zealand
A. BoulderM. SteinH. FinlayB. KamiZ. KhanP. ZumtuchH. JusticeF. Gallen
M. SailorT. JacobE. GoldbyJ. HingstW. AqbarS. RajishP. LynchE. Devlin
D. BoostK. DaslerN. PedenL. KuyrtzT. AshrafP. SaggadW. WillisM. Evans
J. DeanY. WalterR. MostetG. VardaI. DurmaniV. IradiI. FerrisL. Graham
G. SwampJ. TaylorM. BeggR. SarasviE. FajirD. SingheJ. MurphyT. Lowe
M. JosephE. RitchieI. PeglerA. AmputchR. HawinaB. GalkiR. MartinW. Hughes
I. HillyM. CavenP. PynnQ. KazretW. AbdulS. ZarathaH. WildM. Raven
M. EwesM. SpotleyP. BoothR. VeversC. HassanT. NayaknaL. JonesR. Collie
R. BruceK. DoonerM. LordK. SaviH. BurhiM. AratnamR. MarleyT. Pape
C. McDirtS. AveryC. PapeI. VingesG. RameshI. DiazM. LurieL. Reade
T. OldmanK. KirkA. SnunkaP. ThiedL. DalpatI. GusingeL. WinstonT. Hulley
S. MarsD. PayneW. Van AmeL. SwamiU. MotzK. LakariW. EvertonH. Pierce
H. MervynK. SmythN. BirdM. JagenR. HuishM. DataraY. WilliamR. Neath
P. TailA. SheepP. BolteW. VuchiF. PullarG. ParisazO. WarnerO. Keille
W. MiltonI. JonesU. MannR. SilkeP. KapingR. WastidY. HaliE. Roep
P. GerardL. TowersA. PersiP. ZumiF. BurliT. VaruknaH. WalshI. Cooke

Cricketting Personality Pseudonyms

While never confirmed, it is assumed that many characters featured within the game are pseudonyms of famous cricketers at the time. This being due to the fact that the game featured all the major test cricket playing nations but no licensing agreements for official use of team and player names, many of which would later have their own cricketing titles.

CricketerParody Name
Allan Border

A. Boulder

Mark TaylorM. Sailor
David BoonD. Boost
Geoff MarshG. Swamp
Dean JonesJ. Dean
Steve WaughS. Mars
Ian HealyI. Hilly
Bruce ReidR. Bruce
Merv HughesM. Ewes, and H. Mervyn
Craig McDermottC. McDirt
Peter TaylorP. Tail
Terry AldermanT. Oldman

Future Titles

Beam Software would later go on to develop Super International Cricket for the SNES in 1994, being the only cricket game on the Super Nintendo. Later partnering with Electronic Arts, the team also created two more MS-DOS based games, Cricket '96 and the studio's final cricket game, Cricket '97.

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