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There are 52 teams in the game and although the players on the team do not have the names of the players in their real world counterpart's team, the names and appearances of the players are very similar to the real players. The teams in the game are:

Game Modes

Open Game

Pick a team and face of in a game against either AI or other human players. The rules of the match are cusomisable from the health of your players to the number of people on your team.

International Cup

Select a team and play through a fictional tournament against other cpu controlled teams to try and win the International Cup.

World League

Play against other teams to see how well you can do against AI controlled opponents. Try to win the World League.

Penalty Kicks

Select a team to control and a team to play against and face off in a game of penalties. Try to beat the CPU or your friends by scoring penalties and controlling your goalkeeper to prevent your opponent from scoring.


Take part in 14 preset scenarios that challenge you to oppose all odds and beat the computer from a set situation.


Select 'Free Training' to take to an empty pitch with your selected team and practice unopposed set plays and runs.Choose 'Free Kick Training' to practice taking free kicks.Select 'Corner Kick Training' to take corner kicks.Select 'Keeper Training' to use your defence to prevent to opposition from scoring.


From here you can change the length of games played in 'open games', change the referee who judges your matches and change other settings such as turning commentary off and choosing whether the matches ending in draws are settled by golden goal or extra time. Also, you can edit the name and player number of any player in the game, allowing you to change the names of players to their real life counterparts. Also, up to 60 players can be created and registered to any teams meaning that the player can insert themselves into their team or create more modern teams.

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