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In the Grand Theft Auto world, the Karin Intruder has appeared in only two games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV. In both cases it is portrayed as a four-door sedan with generally quite average performance. The vehicle's engine is the one key flaw, as handling is quite sharp in both iterations of the vehicle. The Intruder in GTA IV is a common sight, but it is less common in San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Intruder is a four-door car with no gang uses. The Intruder has a weak engine, giving it poor acceleration and overall top speed. These aspects make the car much less desirable, though it is improved upon by its good handling and braking. The engine in the car gives a pleasing growl, but unfortunately, the 'bark is worse than the bite', as the car does not live up to the sound it produces. The Intruder is rear wheel drive, but this is not enough to save it from being a below average mode of transport.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Nissan Cima

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Intruder returns, wearing a Karin badge. The car takes on a resemblance to the Nissan Cima; a Japanese-produced four door sedan. Despite the game time frame, the Intruder does not improve by much, remaining a fairly average vehicle. Acceleration leaves quite a lot to be desired, taking over ten seconds to reach the higher end of its available power. The top speed of the Intruder leaves a lot to be desired, remaining equal to the Emperor Lokus. The Intruder beats the Lokus however, by having superior handling and acceleration.

The Intruder has some understeer, but it is very easily controlled. This gives it the ability to travel through corners at speeds other vehicles could not, as it is easily controlled when the rear tyres break free. The suspension in the Intruder is also quite hard, meaning that it does not lean much when cornering. The Intruder does not have the best survival from crashes, and a few collisions can render the car unusable. This makes the Intruder a car suited more to precise drivers, but even then, it is not a racing machine - it is better suited to weaving through the city streets, where it can use its handling to its advantage, as opposed to speeding along the highways of Liberty City.

The Intruder has two special variants, in addition to its normal guise. These two variants are:

  • A Triad version of the car. Badged as the 'VX', the Triad version of the Intruder sports a metallic cherry paint scheme, as well as a bodykit. Beyond this, the car is not changed, and performance is not enhanced. In addition, the interior mirror has some Chinese knotting hanging from it. The easiest way to find a Triad Intruder VX is to lurk around the Chinatown area.
  • A unique blue colored model, requested by Stevie. When completing Stevie's requests, he will eventually ask for an Intruder parked at Rotterdam Hill. When you arrive there, you will be greeted by the special edition blue Intruder. This car will continue to infinitely spawn until you actually deliver one to Stevie, so you can store one (or two... or y'know, several) of them, should you choose to.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Intruder reappears, bearing little difference from its appearance in GTA IV. It remains a fairly average sedan unsuited to high-speed driving, though it is comparatively rare. The Intruder can be modified with aftermarket front bumpers, rear bumpers, side skirts and spoilers, though there is only one of each, limiting the amount of customizability the car possesses.

The Triad 'VX' model does not spawn in regular traffic, though once the aftermarket spoiler is fitted the car gains this VX badging. In reality a car with a higher trim level provided by another company is unlikely, though not impossible to observe.

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